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The night of the Research 27, september 2013


Politecnico di Milano has been carrying out researches in the interest of public and private entities for years, aimed at developing entrepreneurship and other structures of the Departments of the University.

For this reason, Mantua Campus offers the students and the territory the opportunity of a new RESEARCH LABORATORY MANTUA that carries out activities in the field of:

Surveying and Photogrammetry for the development and testing of modern survey methods, representation, cataloging and data management of architectures and the environment, with outdoor activities and teaching support.

Environmental Planning for the deepening of the theoretical applications through the use of measurement tools and mapping, which take into account ecological aspects and integrate appropriate assessment procedures of the planning system.

Technology and the Environment for the development and upgrading of building systems and environmental activities through consulting and training, with special attention to the demand  of the building industry.

Modelling for the construction of models that can transmit a better understanding of space and volumes at the project level, available to students and businesses in the area, in a new adequate space and specific materials




The event will take place at the Campus in Via Scarsellini, 2, MN (yellow house) and includes:

- 10:30 / 12:30 presentation for high schools of the province of Mantua

- 17:00 / 18:00 presentation to the city and the institutions of the territory of the research laboratory with the specific activities


- 19:00 Happy hour / dj set / concert band by Starc (student association)