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mantova architettura, On May 7th 2014 at 9.30 a.m. Teatro all'Antica di Sabbioneta

The study day " Visby meets Sabbioneta " offers a meeting between the Hanseatic town of Visby and the small " Athens of the Gonzaga family ," two fortified cities that UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site in 1996 and 2008.
The property ended and the tangible presence of the protective walls of the fortified city is a privileged laboratory to discuss maintenance practices and management of the architectural heritage in the urban scale and to deepen the relationship between planning and protection , involving the local community and visitors .
Visby and Sabbioneta meet to compare their experiences in the field of research, management and care of historical and architectural heritage and to discuss what role to assign within the policies for local development .
The discussion involving experts in their respective local authorities, conservation bodies and universities.

The study day is sponsored by the Polytechnic of Milan and Uppsala University, with the City of Sabbioneta and the City of Mantua, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and the Order of Architects, Landscapers and Conservationists of the province of Mantua and the participation of the Cariplo Foundation - Cultural District " Regge Gonzaga ."