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“Starc Mantova” is an apolitical, non-partisan and no-profitstudentassociation. It has been created by the willingness of a bunch of architecture student attending the faculty of Mantova and promote various kind of activities:

  • cultural activities, like study trips guided by professors and cooperate in the organization of conferences with Mantova’s faculty of Architecture;
  • formative activities, like free courses for student about the more used software in architectural visualization or graphic, photography & more;
  • amusement activities, organising parties and events in genre to allow students socialisation.

The association has the mission to offer at both student and non-student different activities that can enrich the personal curriculum of experiences, not with the presumption to be teachers, but with the only willingness to offer to other students our personal experience grown in the years.

The whole activities offered to the students, are free of charge and sometimes organized in cooperation with the faculty, moreover when we organize external events we often have the patronage of the public administration.

In this last period, is in publication “Versione” an university free-press magazine wich containsArchitecture themes and lots of other arguments like cinema, music etc. and is obviously written entirely by Starc members.

The association’s members can give you more info about us and our activities whenever you need it at our office, or by our contacts. For all those of you that want to join us, you can apply and became a new member of our group.