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Choosing Mantova



  • Choosing Mantova because his Politecnicoís Campus guarantees the first-class quality of the educational offering, thanks to the coordination of the system with the Politecnico di Milano network in a city which is people-friendly and which offers personalized services, welcoming structures and direct student-lecturer relationships.
  • Choosing Mantova because the Politecnico has given rise to a school of excellence in the field of protection, preservation and enhancement of the architectural and environmental heritage.
  • Choosing Mantova because is seat of Unesco Chair in Architectural Preservation and Planning in WorldHeritage Cities a long-term programme, set up in accordance with a resolution adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO, for educational and research activities at international level.
  • Choosing Mantova because Itís possible to work with Laboratory Research Mantua which works together the Politecnicoís departments in order to develop shared projects.
  • Choosing Mantova because I can study with international students and with some important visiting professors.
  • Choosing Mantova because I can make research at Mantova Lab
  • Choosing Mantova because I can attend international training at important studios.
  • Choosing Mantova just because MantovArchitettura.