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Art and culture

Mantua is a jewel of the Renaissance, famous throughout the world for its history, priceless art treasures and natural beauty. It has been awarded the title of Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2016.
Mantua is the homeland of Virgil and the Gonzaga court, who attracted art and architecture geniuses - Leon Battista Alberti, Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano - and literary and musical geniuses - Torquato Tasso and Claudio Monteverdi. Together with Sabbioneta, it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site: this is the Mantua that everyone has heard of, which enchants and astonishes tourists from all over the world.
Mantua's uniqueness lies not only in its art and architecture, but also in the beauty of its territory. This city was built on water, and is still surrounded by a green oasis. Therefore, it is a destination for nature tourists, food and wine enthusiasts and sports lovers of all ages.
For its natural and historical characteristics and small size, Mantua is already a city with a human dimension.
Its historical centre, with its palaces, porticoes, churches and squares is a large, interactive museum that puts artistic expression in relation to the architectural heritage. Some different thematic paths will allow visitors to discover the charm of Mantua in the different time periods: the 18th century, the contemporary era of creativity, the Jewish heritage, the ancient city of Virgil, and the city during the Risorgimento (Italian Unification) and also during the Renaissance