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HE.SU.TECH Surveying and Photogrammetry

The Surveying and Photogrammetry Laboratory is a research facility of the Mantua Regional Campus of the Politecnico di Milano since 1999. The laboratory has the objective of development and experimentation of modern methods for the survey, representation, cataloguing and management of architectural and environmental data in the field of research, third party activities and teaching support. In particular, these activities concern the acquisition, processing, restitution, analysis and management of data of a metric or thematic nature concerning the Earth's surface, or portions of it, including the urban environment, infrastructures and the architectural heritage, identified by their spatial position and qualified by the survey precision. The fields of application regard the study of global and local reference systems, tools and methods for the survey, control and monitoring of land, structures and cultural heritage, processing of measurement data, production and updating of cartography and topographic databases, tracking of works and infrastructures, mobile surveying systems, numerical terrain and surface models, management and sharing of multidimensional and multitemporal geographic information.

prof. Luigi Fregonese
+39 0376 317056/15


Arch. P.h.D. Andrea Adami
+39 0376 317015