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Job Opportunities and Competitions

Consulting Engineering srl (MN) – Looking for young Architect designer

Projects Area Consulting Engineering srl, engineering company based in Castel Goffredo (MN), Via Ospedale, 37, tel. 0376/770904, operating in the sector of architecture, engineering and interior design, urgently looking for a young person and dynamic for a position of technical designer-draftsman to be included in its staff.
The proposal concerns a collaboration with VAT number, full time working hours, with the following skills:
- in-depth knowledge of Archicad, Autocad, Photoshop, Office software;
- good knowledge of rendering programs (3D studiomax preferably);
- Study title required: Bachelor's degree in architecture.
The research is aimed at both sexes (ex L. 198/06).
We ask you to send your CV and any portfolio to the email address .
Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003, the processing of personal data is authorized.
Requirements: Architect, Render, Full time, No experience requirement
Site: Castel Goffredo (MN)

KM 429 architecture (MN) – Looking for collaborator 
Architecture Firm operating in the public and private planning, young looking Architect to join its partnership for full time staff. They are looking for professionals wishing to take part in starting a path of collaboration / training within the facility. The candidate must include the following requirements: - Knowledge of CAD software 2d; - knowledge of the main modeling programs and 3D graphic rendering; It will consider only candidates meeting the requirements and from neighboring provinces. Expected trial period. Salary commensurate with experience gained. Please send CV, portfolio in pdf format.
Requirements: Architect, Render, No experience requirement
Site: Viadana (MN)


MAB arquitectura (MI) – Looking for Architect

The study MAB arquitectura Milan is looking for a full-time partnership with architect / in writing / a Roll with VAT and with at least 5 years experience in an architecture / urban planning, who can
be part of the design team both on an urban scale architecture. It requires good knowledge of ACAD softwares, Adobe Suite. It will be positively evaluated the level of understanding of Revit and English and French. It is essential for evaluating a graphic portfolio together with the CV.
Requirements: Architect, Full time, 5-10 years experience requirement
Site: Milano

Job Opportunity

o2 (BO) – Looking for young Architect / construction engineer 
o2 in is looking for a young architect / construction engineer living in Bologna for a collaboration. We expect people with a good design and visualization capabilities, possibly with construction experience and / or building practices. Immediate availability.
Requirements: Architect, Render, Full time, No experience requirement
Site: Bologna

Job Opportunity

Rhizome Architecture (BO) – Looking for an Architect 
We are looking for architects / under 35, even recent graduates or experienced some jobs with immediate availability. We are a close-knit and ambitious group based in Bologna and projects around the world. We are looking for motivated and ready to become an essential part of our growth. Our future employees should have: - Excellent / Excellent knowledge of programs: Autodesk Autocad, Cinema 4d + VRay, Rhinoceros, Office package. - Excellent / Excellent 3D modeling capabilities, rendering, post-production. - Excellent knowledge of the Adobe package (especially Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) - Interest for interior design - Good knowledge of English - Operational flexibility, responsibility and punctuality
Requirements: Architect, Render, Adobe Suit, Full time.
Site: Bologna

Job Opportunity

Fabio Carria (MI) – Looking for a young Architect designer 
Wanted young architect, even non-expert, for the printing activities of the study of Milan. Request a good knowledge of ArchiCAD 22 as well as that in Autocad, and preferably Lumion Pro and Photoshop or other software knowledge for rendering activities. The studio is active since 1990 in the area of maintenance, restoration and interior design and the holder provides a secure environment for professional growth who are keen to learn it. Willingness to also enter graduate intern provided he has the graphics knowledge required.
Requirements: Architect, Adobe Suit, Full time.
Site: Milano

Emergency Operations Center
For the resolution of humanitarian emergencies in Africa 

Emergencies strike suddenly and without warning. They level cities to the ground and tear down buildings as though they were made of sand. In almost no time at all everything is destroyed and all that remains is the realisation that you have to get up and start all over again from scratch. In recent years the occurrence of deluges and flooding have increased dramatically. Analogously, conflicts and financial crises persist and lead to the development of serious humanitarian emergencies which put the lives of millions of people at risk. Resolving an emergency of any kind means re-establishing peace and security. The crisis must be dealt with in a timely and coordinated manner that includes reception, sensibility, and awareness. What we are looking for, therefore, is the design of a structure that will house an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) and that can help to facilitate the humanitarian operations of international organisations, allowing them to act with the utmost efficiency.
Total grants amount to 5000$

Pilgrim's Village
Making pilgrimages sustainable 

The definition and purpose of pilgrimage have changed. From an isolated retreat, it has become a space for thousands seeking blessings and religious virtue. In India, it is an opportunity for people living in distant areas to know different cultures. It is an experience where people come together and leave behind the differences that divide them.
In times when the value of faith is transcending into a growing number of pilgrims, how can an ecologically sensitive area accommodate the changing demand?
The design challenge here is to design a campsite with modular transit shelters for the pilgrims in Amarnath. This entire campsite is only active for 48 days in a year. Hence the challenge not only looks at the spectrum of the pilgrimage but also at the storage and reinstallation of the structures.
Total grants amount to 5000$

Resilience Center for the widows of Afghanistan 

Under such inhuman precedents, the rehabilitation of Afghanistan’s widows in a cordial, secure environment is a warranted intervention, necessitating the involvement of the government too. The challenge here would be to design a facility that would cater to their residential needs, livelihood, and education for themselves and their children, along with providing the
requisite training for becoming self-sufficient and train future residents. It is to be a building that can be seen as a symbol of strength, solidarity, embrace and hope in a country historically notorious for being unjust and hostile to its women.
The Challenge is to design a Resilience Centre in Zanabad for the widows of Afghanistan, providing them and their families with residence, educational and work opportunities under an umbrella facility.
Total grants amount to 5000$

Overseas Oasis
Designing a community center for International Students 

As the century drew to close, a broad-based rehabilitation of the central city as the place to study has dominated the landscape. This has led to an increase in population and a change in demographics. Among them are young adults. In pursuit of better opportunities and fulfillment, more people are choosing to travel abroad. This trend is envisioned to grow as the change gets reflected in the urban fabric of the city. While Canada saw an 18.5% increase in 2018, international students studying in Amsterdam saw an increase of 8%. The world’s 12th best city in terms of 'quality of life', Amsterdam is known for its cultural inclusivity. Despite government policies formulated for the inclusion of migrants, the internationalization of education has been a point of debate for years. 2018 report by OECD reported that about 51% of the population agrees that foreigners who live in the city are not well integrated. Intercommunal interactions must occur for people to adjust. These adjustments are complex, ambiguous and carry a temporal sense of identity. Space, a stepping stone that facilitates the process of inclusion into the city fabric. An avenue that helps students feel belonged to society and help in preserving one’s identity.
The brief is to design a center for 100 international students (age 19-35). The creation of the space aims to enable international students to find gateways into familiar circles of the city and find an overlap with the locals.
Total grants amount to 5000$



Ideas competition for students and professionals for a new contemporary Arts School.
The area where the new art school is to be designed is in Am Hof, one of the oldest and most historically rich places in Vienna. The building will be the closing piece of a new district for culture, with architecture, photography, painting and sculpture workshops, exhibition halls and spaces for events that will give life to moments of comparison and interaction with the inhabitants.
Total grants amount to 500€



Tokyo Dojo 

Challenge is to design an interactive sports hub, where people can come together, watch and
enjoy a sports event. To recreate the atmosphere of a stadium for fans who can’t watch it live. A
temporary structure that will act as a hotspot for public integration and that can be installed in
different neighborhoods of the city.
Total grants amount to 5.000$