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In order to graduate, students must have earned the credits related to the courses provided for in the study manifesto, as well as the credits as defined in the Programme, related to internships.

The Politecnico cooperates with professional societies, public administrations, regional bodies and businesses to organise internships, in order to guarantee students the possibility of earning the credits envisaged in the education system.

The rules for the duration of the internship will be defined in the Programmes.

For detailed information on Internships (types envisaged, activation procedures, duration, termination and validation), please visit the website of the University Career Service.

SAT Mantua

SAT Mantua (Struttura Accademica Tirocini - Trainee Academic Structure) operates in compliance with legislation (MD no.142 of 25 March 1998) which involves, in addition to the University and students, also social security and employment institutions, in order to protect trainees against the risk of harm to themselves or others and tax audits on professional activities.

SAT Mantua at Registrar's Offices

Piazza  D’Arco, 3 -  46100  Mantua
Tel. 0376.317037 - Fax 0376.317053

Contact: Chiara Lanfredi

SAT Mantua Managers

The managers of trainee activities are appointed by the Rector. Their job is to monitor the activities carried out approve student reports.

SAT managers for the SAT Mantua: Prof. Giovanni Di Luzio.