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L.P.A. Environmental Planning

The Environmental Planning Laboratory is a research and teaching support structure of the Mantua Regional Campus of the Politecnico di Milano. The laboratory aims to address and investigate certain issues which are the subject of study, research and application by a plurality of groups, from the advances proposed in the literature, in certain cases foreign, and addressing specific issues in local contexts in which wide area and urban plans are being developed, with particular reference to the issues of assessment of appropriateness and sustainability of plan choices.

The activity is focussed in several areas:

  • that of research, with the objective of exploring the theoretical-application aspects, as well as those regarding the integration of technical-disciplinary tools, of measuring and representing a plane form with a systematically ecological approach which adequately integrates evaluation procedures;
  • that of application of methods and procedures developed, in order to verify their transposition and levels of feasibility externally through agreements with local authorities;
  • that of comparison with the activities of research centres with the application of methods and procedures, through the consolidation of institutional relations and exchange of information at the local, national and international level.

prof. Carlo Peraboni
+39 0376 317018