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Job Opportunities and Competitions

Job Opportunity

Architetto Project Manager Junior srl, Mantova, Lombardia, Italy

Job opportunity for fresh graduates in architecture and interior design, excellent English-speaking candidate, with an excellent graduation grade. The candidate will have to travel globally for meeting with clients and will work on a site-to-site program, and will have to go to sites where they will survey and sketch technical drawings.

Job Opportunity

Junior Architect
ATP architekten ingenieure, Zurich AG - Switzerland

ATP architekten ingenieure are looking to fill a Junior architect position in Zurich, candidate will participate in concept and design project phases, will work within a team to produce document/plan drawings, and must work with a team of colleagues from all phases, departments, and fields. Full-time with flexible working hours and possible to work from over-seas.

Job Opportunity

Competition Architect

Young Architect for Design Team with Diploma

reinhardpartner, Bern, Switzerland


reinhardtpartner, known for working in conversion and community projects gor the last 40 years. They are looking for a motivated architect to join the design team. reinhardtpartner’s company set-up is done in a way where everyone working has shares in the company, and therefor workers are more independent.


The applicant must have have a good knowledge in German, and more importantly energised and motivated to share fresh and new ideas with the team. Full time contract.


For applications please contact:

reinhardpartner Architekten und Planer AG

Freiburgstr. 257, 3018 Bern

Telefon  031 359 31 11


Plug-in House Challenge

Due to the ever-growing demand on housing units in urban sites and cities, there will soon be no more affordable alternatives. The competition is a challenge for students to create a long-term solution for compact housing units, that can be plugged-in and connected to one another; single of double occupancy and have the possibility to connect to a maximum of 100 other pods/units, with well designed communal spaces and circulation throughout the entire complex.

The total prize amounts to $20.000 and there is a small registration fee starting from $20, the earlier the registration, the cheaper the fee. Only the first 500 submissions will be accepted to take part.






Bauhaus Neue

Bauhaus has caused a huge ripple in the design and architecture world

since its beginning, and till this day many are hugely influenced by their now-classic designs and theories, the challenge in this competition is how to break the barriers of time and create new designs with the same ideologies of the Bauhaus.

“Design Challenge: How can we reinterpret philosophies of Bauhaus to create a new design school that fosters a futuristic, bold and radical learning environment in the context of today and tomorrow?

The design challenge can begin with design disciplines that exist today like Architecture, Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Textile design or Conceive new disciplines entirely springing from fundamental learning programs. The competition will not focus on creating curriculums but innovation in spaces that nurture them.”

Total prize amounts to $20.000, with an entry fee of $121 (by subscribing, the entry fee can be reduced to $15), first place prize up to $5000.


ABC | MONZA 2019 – Open International Architectural Ideas Competition in BIM

Located in Monza, Lombardia - Italy, the competition is set to allow applicants the opportunity of converting some of the urban spaces into anything that the applicant desires and sees as an  appropriate addition. “The theme of the competition is the urban regeneration of an industrial site of approximately 60,000 square meters in the city of Monza – Italy in accordance with the values of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

One of the characterising elements of this competition is the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the ideation, design and submission of the proposal.”

Total prize amounts to $20.000, awards of different categories such as best approach in architecture, sustainability, and BIM usage.