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Job Opportunities and Competitions

Job Opportunity


Per dinamica ed innovativa azienda di illuminazione operante nel settore
civile e industriale, ricerchiamo  una figura interessata al Lighting
Design per attività di progettazione illuminotecnica, progettazione
corpi illuminanti e riceca&sviluppo di nuove tecnologie led.
La figura ideale è laureata in architettura o  ingegneria elettronica ed
ha dimestichezza con l’utilizzo di autocad, dialux, relux o altri
programmi di render. Forti doti relazionali ed orientamento al
risultato, capacità di problem solving e di lavoro per obiettivi unito
a desiderio di crescere in percorso di carriera premiante completano il
Sede di lavoro: Concordia S/S (MO)
Enrico Corazzari Titolare : 3402874308

Via Novella,37- 41033  Concordia sulla Secchia ( MODENA )

Job Opportunity

Junior Architect - Studio Bizzarro & Partners
Studio Bizzarro & Partners, Ravenna - Italy

Job opportunity for fresh graduates in architecture, the candidate should be motivated, committed, and show a sense of seriousness to the tasks, and present their creative capabilities.

The masters degree in architecture and the registration in the Order of Architects is required.

Requirements: Candidate must know how to work with the main required softwares such as AutoCAD, SketchUP, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, etc. and have rendering abilities for conceptual renders using programmes such as Cinema 4D and Vray.

A trial period will be offered to the successful candidate, and thereafter a possibility in joining the team with a fully contract. Experience is not a must, but is preferred.

Please apply through the website directly, with a comprehensive CV a Portfolio.

Job Opportunity

Fresh Graduate - Junior Architect
tiarstudio, Florence - Italy

tiarstudio, located about 20 minutes from Florence city centre, is looking for a fresh graduate to join their team. The applicant should have a maximum of 1 year of work experience, and will receive a paid trial period if successful. Candidate must have excellent drawing and rendering skills and the use of the standard architectural programmes. However, it is a requirement that the applicant has a car due to the location of the office.

Application Contact: Margherita Lovisolo

Job Opportunity

Giovane architetto
Azienda commerciale di Fiorano Modenese (MO), cerca, per Ufficio Tecnico, un giovane Architetto, anche con laurea triennale

Le mansioni previste sono:  
- assistenza tecnica alla clientela,
- promotore vendite e supporto tecnico anche in ambito internazionale,
- gestione schede tecniche,
- attività formative rivolte alla filiera della ns. clientela: Posatori, Progettisti, Rivenditori.

E' richiesta:
- Conoscenza dei programmi di AUTOCAD 2019, (e preferenziale RHINOCEROS),
- buona conoscenza della lingua inglese,
- disponibilità a viaggiare, anche all'estero,
- spiccata attitudine alla comunicazione ed al rapporto con il pubblico.


Lucia Leonelli

Tel: 0536914519


Job Opportunity

Junior Designer
MC Studio di Architettura Bergamo - Italy

Full time payed contract for an office looking for an architect or an engineer, which would be working on Revit and BIM for their new project.

Application Contact: Arch. Marcello Corti


Mozambique Presc


A chance of winning 6.000€ and the winning design to be built, is the award for this competition, set in Mozambique.

The task is to design a preschool in the district of Xai-Xai (Gaza Province, Mozambique). The plot is approximately 1 km from the connecting road to Chongoene.

This competition is supported by several NGOs that have pledged to build the preschool of the winning design.

Three main goals in the design are to educate, to integrate, and to be sustainable.

The task can simply be put as “Create a preschool for vulnerable and disabled children”. A full programme, survey, and site would be provided to applicants interested in participation.

Total prize amounts to 10.000€ with honourable mentions, seconds places, etc.



Micro Housing 2019

The problem of space, functionality and shelter is something that faces architects and societies every day. This competition challenges students to design a prototype of a modular micro-housing unit, connected to 100 units with full functionality and a limited required area.

The site/location is chosen by the participant, and the living requirements and arrangements are done after research by the participant within their chosen context.

The total prize amounts to $4.000, and a total of three prizes are given out.



Located in the Santa Croce Square in Florence, Italy, the challenge of this competition is to design the new Museum for the Arts and Crafts - MAMe. The site/location is predetermined and upon entering and paying the minimal entry fee, 2D drawings are sent to the applicant(s), and more details are given about the site.

“In memory of tradition, and imagining a building capable of implementing the rich architectural scene, we intend to design a Museum for the Arts and Crafts which will be known by the acronym MAMe and which will become a new cultural center for the old city. This will be a contemporary sign able to dialogue with the pre-existences that surround the project area, implementing the socio-cultural offer of the place. A system for culture in which laboratories and events will encourage interaction between people from different backgrounds who have come to Florence to learn about its history.”

Programme and further details are given on their online PDF.

The winner will receive a prize of 500 Euro for each participant and the top three winners will have an annual subscription to the DOMUS magazine in digital format.


The challenge with this competition is to foresee and suggest modern-day uses of classics of modern architecture. In particular the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.

The task at hand is to find a clever and modern approach to re-using the Villa Savoye space to upgrade it from being a temple of modern architecture to become the next Archive Center for Architectural Knowledge while maintaining its identity. To put it simply, it is to visualise modernist ideas in a contemporary world.

Total grants amount to 20.000$.


RESTART Contest: Rethink the musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

The challenge is to encourage a reflection on reconstructing the museum “and/or a contemporary graft in a former royal benedictine abbey – whose foundation dates back to the seventh century and the bulk of the building to the reign of Louis XIV … Partially classified as a historic monument…Twenty years after its ambitious restoration, the museum rethinks its uses and its reflection on its spaces, its link with city and its urban environment.”

The competition is an “ideas contest of architecture around a utopian extension of the musée des Beaux-Arts of Lyon. RESTART CONTEST has for goal to stimulate research and experimentation ans to also encourage new synergies between students and young professionals.”

Three prizes will be given out, with first prize amounting to 5.000€. A further special award from iGuzzini will be awarded for the approach proposal with lighting in interior spaces and the facade.