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The stage is a training experience carried out at a public or private institution and it is an opportunity to get to know the world of work through field-experience. The stage can be a compulsory curriculum (i.e. provided for in the curriculum, with recognition of CFU) or an optional curriculum, i.e. without recognition of CFU.


For the students

In order to obtain the CFU for the stage, the student can undergo:

- an external stage: in Italy or abroad, at Public Bodies, companies, professional studios;

- an internal practical activity (internal stage): an activity promoted by a professor whose object is to involve the student exclusively in a research activity to be carried out at a Department of the Politecnico di Milano;

- a workshop or a professionalizing course: workshops that can be validated as internships are available here;

- an activity similar to a stage: working students (with an employment contract - not a stage- in a company with a duration of at least six months and a professional figure similar to their degree course) with the approval of the Academic Referent of the Programme (SAT) can obtain, for compulsory curricular stage, the recognition of the work experience.

Duration of the stage:

- 100 hours for the Architectural Design programme and 150 hours for the Architectural Design and History programme, to be held part time or full time according to the agreements the student will make with the company tutor;

- the stage must be completed before graduation.


For the companies

To start a stage/internship, the company must have an agreement with the Politecnico di Milano, in compliance with current regulations (Ministerial Decree no. 142 of 25 March 1998).

To stipulate the agreement the company must:

- register on the University Career Service website;

- request and send the internship agreement following the procedure on the University Career Service website:

- Option A. DIRECT AGREEMENT This is the contract to be stipulated between the company and the Politecnico di Milano that will regulate all the internships that the company will offer to students and/or graduates of our University. The agreement will be activated in about 20 days, following the

procedure indicated and making the payment provided as reimbursement of expenses for stamp duties. Duration: annual with automatic renewal unless cancelled.

-- Option B. INDIRECT AGREEMENT This type of agreement is aimed exclusively at companies with a nominal company name registered with the professional association of the category under agreement with the Politecnico di Milano (list available in the application form for the agreement) Duration: must be renewed each time the association bond expires;

- when the agreement is active, fill in the internship project online.

Responsabile SAT Mantova

I responsabili delle attività di tirocinio sono nominati dal Rettore. Il loro compito è quello di monitorare le attività svolte ed approvare le relazioni finali degli studenti.

Responsabile SAT per il SAT Mantova: Prof Giovanni di Luzio.