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Other programmes

OFA English

During the academic year, English language courses are organized for the accomplishment of OFA in English but also in preparation for international certifications.

Generally, the program includes a course in the 1st semester and a second course in the 2nd semester.

The courses, subject to payment, depending on the students' requests, provide for a B1 level (strictly indicated for passing the TENG test (Test of English), or a C1 level (and other) for certifications that allow access to Master's Degrees and other courses.


Italian language courses

International students (both exchange students and regularly enrolled) can attend Italian language courses both in the 1st and 2nd semester.

The courses include one week of intensive level (A1) beginner's course and, to follow, an elementary level (A2) course.

Enrolment through the link Language Courses Catalogue in the > Online Services (this function is active only during the period in which enrolments are open).

For information on how to enrol in courses, levels and start of lessons, consult the Language Course Catalogue > Online Services.

For further information not included in the Catalogue, please write to .