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Study programmes

Progamme in Architectural Design: it lasts three years and is based on the knowledge of architecture in its historical, logical-formal, aesthetic, constructive, technological and representation aspects. The architectural project refers to different areas and scales of application: the city, the landscape, the building, the built environment, the interiors.

Access is subject to the National Entrance Test.

The Degree allows access to the Master's degree courses, to the 1st level Master's degree courses and to the profession in the fields permitted by law.


Programme in Architectural Design and History: it lasts two years; it aims at the training of an educated and historically aware architectural designer and, at the same time, able to face a complex and dynamic field such as the intervention in historical contexts through appropriate and innovative methodologies.

Access is subordinate to the evaluation of the previous career.

The degree allows access to 2nd level Masters and to the profession in the areas permitted by law.

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