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Workshop "La casa del Poeta"

The 6th of the architectural workshop entitled La Casa del Poeta will take place in Casarola di Monchio delle Corti (PR) from 3 to 9 July 2022. The workshop of Architectural Composition La Casa del Poeta offers to the participating students an intense design experience in a context that is very relevant from the point of view of culture, landscape, environment and existing architectural heritage.

  • TEACHERS: Barbara Bogoni and Vittorio Uccelli
  • DATE: 3-9 July 2022
  • LOCATION: Casarola, Monchio delle Corti (PR) - Italy
  • CFU: 4 for architecture and 3 for internship in engineering


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Conservation and musealization of the “Park of the walls” of Sabbioneta

The purpose of this workshop is to expose architecture and landscape architecture students to the complexities of designing a project within an UNESCO historical centre. During the excursions and the design workshop, we will examine historical walls conceived, developed and changed through the years. We will encourage a critical examination of those processes and look to integrate those lessons into the design exercise at the end.

  • TEACHERS: Andrea Adami, Angelo Lorenzi, Rona Evyasaf and Eran Mordhovich
  • DATE: 29 August - 7 September
  • LOCATION: Mantova and Sabbioneta, Italy
  • CFU: 4 for elective courses (Bachelor in Architectural Design - AUIC School)


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Validation rules:

For validation send the certificate of attendance to the WS at the following e-mail address: 

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