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Test and enrolment

To enroll in Bachelor of Science programmes in Architecture at the Mantua Regional Campus you must possess the qualifications required by the applicable legislative provisions and take the entrance test.

The entrance test is composedof 60 multiple choice questions. 
You have 100 minutesfor answering about:
•    Logic and general knowledge
•    History
•    Drawing and representation
•    Mathematics and physics

How to apply
For further information visit the Poliorientami website:
Poliorientami> TIP - Attendance Test

For further information visit the Poliorientami website

For further information visit the Poliorientami website

Preparation course for the architecture test
The course aims to provide, through a number of systematic communications on topics on which the test focusses, a targeted and adequate preparation for passing the entrance test. For admission to courses, sufficient general knowledge is required, with particular emphasis on the historical, social and institutional area, coupled with the ability to work on written texts of various kinds (artistic, literary, historical, sociological, philosophical, etc.) and with an aptitude for logical-abstract mathematical and linguistic reasoning. The course takes place according to traditional teaching methods. Each participant is provided with teaching materials, supporting texts and other specifically prepared documentation.

The course takes place every year.