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Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO)

The Mantua territorial pole also designs and implements these pathways with a view to orientation, to correctly choose a university course of study and, therefore, a future profession. In addition, these experiences are an important opportunity for students to experience more closely the educational offer and the places where university life takes place.

Project Archive

  • Alberti in scale

The students were guided through a training course that promoted in-depth knowledge of the monuments of Leon Battista Alberti, in particular his production in the city of Mantua. The study also involved some of the wooden models of the works used during the 1994 exhibition dedicated to the great artist and now housed at the Mantua Pole of the Milan Polytechnic. Students at the Redentore in Mantua collaborated on the production of a guide focusing on the figure of the architect.

  • A Mural for Architecture

The subject of the activity was the execution of a project to upgrade the walls of the atrium of the university building, through the creation of a mural on the theme: Architects and Architecture in the World. Authors of the mural were the students of the Liceo Artistico of Guidizzolo (MN).

  • Summer School "Studying architecture in Mantua" first edition and second edition.

Hosted with a scholarship in our city, the participants were able to take part in frontal lectures on topics related to architecture (from surveying to sustainability to the basics of design) and in application/workshop phases. During this experience, the students were able to understand the figure of the architect and his possible professional uses; in the application phase, they were also familiarized with surveying tools, while learning how to manage the dynamics and problems of teamwork.

  • Winter School "Communicating Architecture

The various themes revolved around the central issue of communication in the world of Architecture, examining the role of printed and web journals, the importance of newspapers, photography and exhibitions, and an analysis of the influence of new media in dissemination.

Documentation required for activation

Below are the steps for activating a School-Work Alternation project:

1. the School contacts the Contact Person for the alternance activities to start the process of drawing up the Convention. The agreement lasts one year.

2. the Guidance Service will provide the School with the documentation required to sign the Convention and to complete the training projects.

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